General Practice

Our Philosophy

This is a family-oriented general practice that has been operating in the Weston Creek area for almost forty years. The doctors here particularly enjoy the ongoing relationship we form with people. It is our belief that a strong doctor/patient relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and a caring attitude is paramount for a family GP to be truly effective. It is not only important for your comfort and peace of mind but it is also important to the doctors who attend you. There is a strong emphasis on the idea of total care. This implies that we are not just interested in solving the problem at hand but we are interested in prevention.

As we get to know you better you will find that your doctor may suggest that it is time that one thing or another is due to be checked. This may be due to some factors in your family history or a past problem. We will often take the opportunity to remind you of background problems or preventative issues if you do not remind us first! There is also a strong interest in both women’s and men’s health. Those issues, particularly preventative issues that are specific to your gender are addressed. We particularly enjoy our contact with children and infants and we strongly encourage immunization. The doctors here have a vital interest in continuing medical education. Their interest in staying abreast of current trends in medicine by attending various conferences and seminars is usually well in excess of statutory requirements.


Privacy in medicine is essential. We do not discuss any issue about your health without your express permission. All documents downloaded by email eg pathology etc is encrypted. We comply with the provisions of the ACT and Commonwealth Privacy Acts. Our computer network is protected by software firewalls and a separate hardware firewall

House Calls

Generally speaking it is preferable to be seen in the surgery environment as the lighting and facilities are better, there are proper examining couches and there is the assistance of a nursing sister if needed. These factors can make quite a difference to the ease of practice and the accuracy of diagnosis. However, we understand that sometimes this may not be possible due to the severity of the illness. In these circumstances, we are happy to provide house calls.

Telephone Calls

It is our strong preference not to interrupt consultations to take telephone calls although this is not always possible to prevent. If you call and feel you need to talk to your doctor it is very likely he or she will be with a patient. The nurse will take your message and may be able to answer your query. If not the doctor concerned will either return your call or provide information to the nurse who will then return your call. This will be done between consultations or at the end of the session depending on the urgency.


Appointments should be made with our receptionist. Appointment time for a standard consultation is 15 minutes. We try very hard to run to time but such is the nature of general practice with emergencies etc. that sometimes it is not possible. By phoning close to the time of your appointment you can avoid undue delays. If you have more than one problem, or if you think your problem will take longer than fifteen minutes you can ask for a double appointment. This will help us avoid inconveniencing others by running over time. For example, if you are booked in for a Pap. smear and you require a breast examination (this applies to all ladies over 40) then you will require a double appointment, it simply cannot be crammed into 15 minutes. Remember, we like to give you the time you need! If you need yourself, or your child, to be seen urgently and you are told there are no appointments, please impress upon us the urgency of the situation and you will be seen as soon as is demanded by the nature of the illness.

Our Fees

It is our firm belief that we as doctors, are responsible for giving you medical care of the highest standard and quality we can possibly provide. In return you are responsible to us for our fee. We prefer to deal with you directly and not with any third party. While we are happy to provide care for compensation cases, accidents and the like, our contract remains with you. Having paid us you should then claim from your insurer, be it Medicare, compensation, third party or other insurance.

The actual fees are displayed in the surgery for the common types of consultation. All other fees are available on request. We require payment at the time of consultation. The fees are heavily discounted for most categories of health care card holders and even more so for pensioners. If you are having genuine difficulty meeting our fee, for whatever reason, please discuss the matter with your doctor.


All reusable instruments used in this practice are autoclaved. An autoclave is a machine that builds up pressure allowing steam to be superheated to over 130˚C. This means that instruments are sterilised to hospital standards. All instruments used in skin penetration procedures are packed in sealed packs and dated immediately prior to sterilisation. All other equipment required to be sterile is disposable.


If you have any complaints about the way you were treated or any other aspect of your experience here, you should not hesitate to let us know. It is hard for us to improve if we are unaware of the problem! Alternatively, or if you feel that there is no satisfaction after your complaint to us, you can contact the Health Complaints Commissioner on (02) 6205 2222.