About Us

Weston Creek Family Medicine

This is a family-oriented general practice that has been operating in the Weston Creek area for almost forty years. The doctors here particularly enjoy the ongoing relationship we form with people. It is our belief that a strong doctor/patient relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and a caring attitude is paramount for a family GP to be truly effective. It is not only important for your comfort and peace of mind but it is also important to the doctors who attend you. There is a strong emphasis on the idea of total care. This implies that we are not just interested in solving the problem at hand but we are interested in prevention.

As we get to know you better you will find that your doctor may suggest that it is time that one thing or another is due to be checked. This may be due to some factors in your family history or a past problem. We will often take the opportunity to remind you of background problems or preventative issues if you do not remind us first! There is also a strong interest in both women’s and men’s health. Those issues, particularly preventative issues that are specific to your gender are addressed. We particularly enjoy our contact with children and infants and we strongly encourage immunization. The doctors here have a vital interest in continuing medical education. Their interest in staying abreast of current trends in medicine by attending various conferences and seminars is usually well in excess of statutory requirements.