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Female General Practitioner

Dr. Naoshaba S. Shafi

Dr Naoshaba S. Shafi M.B.,B.S FRACGP Female General Practitioner

I enjoy general practice immensely because of its holistic approach to patient care. Being a GP enables me to provide expert whole person healthcare, which means I can look at every factor that may play a role in a person feeling under the weather now and in the future.

I believe in preventative healthcare and feel a lot of diseases and complications can be prevented by early intervention. Being a female I enjoy listening to and treating female problems and issues. Having said that, I am also very interested in male problems and mental health issues. Performing minor skin procedures is also one of my passions.

During my spare time I have plenty of hobbies to occupy myself like painting, horse riding, gardening and sports.


This is a family oriented general practice which has been operating in the Weston Creek area for almost forty years. The doctors here particularly enjoy the ongoing relationship we form with people. It is our belief that a strong doctor/patient relationship based on mutual respect, trust and a caring attitude is paramount for a family GP to be truly effective. It is not only important for your comfort and peace of mind but it is also important to the doctors who attend you.

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